“Woman's body is not owned by women.

Natalia Fogel, Boardmember in Danish Women’s Society

Chris from Emilie Haugelund Larsen on Vimeo.

We not only created a brand from scratch in this case, we also invented it.


If there’s anything who can make both men and women angry, it’s what other women do with their bodies. Even in 2021 women get death threats if they let their hair grow as they please.

One of the problems is that the choice of not shaving is invisible. All we see in mainstream media are hairless women and shaved legs.
So we decided to create a way to normalize and visualize other choices than shaving.


Hi, hello!

We’re Brave. We’ve created a new itim for your shaver - one that’s questioning the expectations for the female body (oh boy there are a lot of those). We want to show you that there are other options.

Like not shaving.

We are told that beautiful women don’t have hairy armpits or fuzzy legs - but the truth is that we can do whatever we want. With your new shaver that is a brush that is a shaver that is a brush, you can grow it, brush it, shave it and grow it again.

Hair or no hair, don’t care! Be brave and rethink your routines.

BRAVE is a flexible tool to switch from removing body hair to brushing it and back to shaving.

None of the decisions has to be a lifelong commitment, you can switch around as much and as often as you fancy.

Brand ekstention

As an extension to BRAVE we also created a mirror.
Encouraging you to be brave once again and take a look between your legs.

The majority of teenage girls and women feel that their labia doesn’t look “normal” or haven’t even looked down there and more and more women are taking drastic steps and consult their doctor for labia reduction surgery (Scary statistics!)

Be brave and click the extension on your razor handle.
You look perfect!




Prototyping and the process

Our beautiful model is Christine Emilie Sejersen & Emilie.
The photographer and patient lifeguard was Sabrina herself.