COVID-19 turned everything upside down in a second. And while we all tried our best to adapt to the new normal some were left behind. We took new action and turn into new hope with an invention for IKEA.

The shelter made from recycled acrylic glass.

This case was selected as a CREAM 2020 winner.

NEW ACTION: Acrylic glass have been installed in stores to prevent contagion. The problem is, acrylic glass is non-recyclable.

NEW HOPE: During lockdown, a lot of people haven’t had a home to be bored in and have been left on the streets. The homeless of the UK. In the world after Corona, we have the opportunity to help the people, who did not receive support during.

IDEA: Re-purposing acryllic protection surfaces, that would otherwise go to waste, IKEA, will create multi functional shelters, as an act for the environment,  the homeless and even local businesses. All showcasing IKEA’s innovative approach to design, wherever life takes us.

We were mentored and guided through this project by Thorbjørn Liljegren & Christine Jensen 💙 ✏️ 🤓