Did you know that corals cover less than 1% of the ocean floor but that more than 25% of all marine life lives in corals? This makes them one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. But as so many other things climate change and pollution destroys them. We found a damn cool new study from some science geeks in the UK that has the potential to save the reefs.

By featuring the corals on Spotify we can spread the message and get donations through royalties from every listen the playlist gets.
If you want t support the project just hit โ€œreplayโ€. Philanthropy has never been easier.

Digital billboards
And with  digital OOH screens that sensors when you play the Spotify playlist within 2 meters from it... 

and changes its message accordingly.


We set up underwater cameras at the reef so you can follow the progress from day to day and see how the fish returns to the reefs. You can also read more about the study and make donations - either through replay on Spotify or if you want to give a little more to keep the project going and the sound playing.