We created a brand for natural chewing gum from scratch.The brilliant thing about natural chewing gum is, that it has no plastic in it. Problem is, most people don’t want to switch from conventional gum, because what difference does it make? Gum is gum, right?!
But in fact it makes a big difference. All the tiny things we do in our everyday life adds up. 

We made a brand that remind people of that.

Introducing *drumroll*

Sustainable chewing gum, such a tiny activistic act that you barely notice that you are saving the planet.

🌍 ♻️ 💚


We wanted to show all the teeny-tiny things you can do for the environment. Therefore we made each pack of TINY ACTS GUM© into an inspiration for another tiny act - we want to create a ripple effect. All the packs have new acts for you to do. The world doesn’t save itself.

The Nicotine gum

So, you’ve noticed just how many gums who are thrown on the streets? When you start looking you’ll nothice there’s also a ton of butts. More exact - 9 mil. cigarette butts end in the Danish nature and streets every day (wow!)

With one simple tiny act, you can make a big difference (throwing it in the bin) or a big act like stop smoking. So to help taking the butts of the streets, we created the first plastic free nicotine gum, to help you quit smoking.

With a eco-friendly design and the kick ass flavours from ginger and tumeric, we are going to make your quitting a little more tasteful.  

Tiny markers for big words

We might be just a tiny pack of chewing gum but there are so many who speak up to ones who have the power to make the big acts happen - politicians.To support climate protests we created a range of tiny markers for big and important messeges. The markers will be handed out to climate protests and for #fridaysforfuture.
In the natural colors, from the flavors of our gum. 



We’ve made a responsive website design, so when you access on your laptop we encourage you to go on you phone (saves electricity ⚡️) On your phone you’ll have the option to switch on dark mode (even more eco-friendly 💚)

Here you can keep track of all the tiny acts people around the world do, to help the planet and you can see how many TINY ACTS GUM we’ve sold and how much plastic we have saved. All the tiny acts we do now, adds up to a enormous change.

We started making it, had loads of fun... and a breakdown (and a lockdown) Here’s a little behind the scenes stuff, from this project.